Tonlöcher plan schleifen vor dem Zusammenbau

flat grinding of tone holes before assembling

Our saxophone manufacturer in Taiwan is working very precisely. Every tone hole has to be absolutely flat, to achieve a perfect coverage of the keys during playing. Only with very little effort the player must press the keys. No air leaks after pressing the keys are allowed. This distinguishes professional saxophones between cheaper models.

Mit der elektrischen Tonloch-Feile werden die Tonlöcher zuerst grob plan gerichtet.

First we use an electrical file to flatten the tone holes

First we use an electrical file to flatten the tone holes – then the fine hand craft will follow (see the first picture)

Die Deckung wird geprüft

checking the pads

After the correct treatment of all tone holes the fit of pads will be checked carefully.

Endkontrolle vor dem Zusammenbau

final testing before assembling all keys

Before the final assembling every key and mechanical part will be checked very carefully.

A lot of hand work is to be done – therefore we call ourselves a MANUFACTURER ( descended from the latin word “ manus” = hand) –  we are not industrial!